About AWM Industrial Maintenance

When production has to run and there’s no time to waste

AWM Industrial Maintenance provides you with a complete multi-trade manpower solution. The hardworking tradesmen with AWM have made a name in quality and craftsmanship treating every facility as their own and maintaining a ‘can do’ approach to the ever-changing demands of the industry.


Licensed and insured, we pride ourselves in providing professional contractors at an affordable price. AWM Industrial Maintenance currently offers Industrial Millwrights, Electricians, Tool and die makers and Welder/Fabricators throughout Chatham-Kent, Ontario and beyond – we have your bases covered with 24 hour emergency service provided.

Health & Safety Focused

AWM Industrial Maintenance holds the health and Safety of its workers in the highest regard making sure safety is always priority #1. A safe work environment creates the bedrock in which we are able to build a strong foundation for each job knowing our workers will be going home safely to their families each and every day. From the Owner to the Subcontractors we are always safety conscious on and off-site.

Presently we do our best work “hand in hand” with our customers to develop individualized onsite safety training and protocol as well as adhere to and maintain our own strict safety standards. Continuous improvement of our Health and Safety program helps us assure that we remain a safe company customers can trust.